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Welcome to Symmetry Pilates!   We have designed our program to provide our students with the knowledge and movement patterns that will best assist them in everyday life! 

 Comprehensively Trained and Certified in the Pilates Method,  and having over 18 years experience in the discipline, my passion is Pilates!  All of the instructors at Symmetry Pilates Studio supply our clients with the education and tools needed to continue to build upon their personal goals and achievements on their journey through health and wellness! What sets us apart from other studios is our integration of TRX, Spinning and Personal Training into the continuing education of the Pilates Method.  The studio believes in being educated and upfront.  All of our instructors  have been trained and educated by the leading  institutions in their respective fields of study and deliver their very best to each and every class!

At Symmetry Pilates you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of Pilates and Pilates- inspired classes including, but not limited to, Classic Pilates Mat and Reformer, Tower, EXO® Chair, TRX® Suspension Training,  and SPIN®.  We provide both semi-private group classes and private instruction.  While there are those that feel that "hybrid" classes are not adhering to the Pilates Method of old, we have found in our research that many other forms of physical training are great partners to the discipline and make for more efficient workout sessions with additional benefits!   We are PROgressive and PRO-health!
Symmetry Pilates Studio has a
 wonderful working relationship with both community and national organizations to help with fundraising events. We have hosted events to support the local CRS  Food Bank, St. Jude Hospital,  The American Cancer Society, local golfing events to raise money for deserving families in our community and we participated in  the First Annual Ride to Recovery in 2013 that supported the Wounded Warriors!  We believe in giving back to our supporting community!! 

Innovation, creativity and purpose are what make someone want to come to Symmetry Pilates Studio.  Pilates isn't about weight loss, it's about better posture, toned muscles,, greater range of motion and short, a greater sense of well-being. Pilates is a discipline that you can adhere to for a lifetime!

Studio hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am -8:00pm and Saturday  8:00am - 11:30am. Symmetry Pilates offers on-line scheduling to our clients. This feature allows freedom of scheduling classes from the convenience of your home!  Symmetry Pilates limits walk-ins due to high class attendance. 

At Symmetry Pilates you will learn to listen to your body through breath and movement while creating balance, strength and control.  Stop in or give us a call!

Yours in Health,
Beth, Paul, Alissa and Kim






"The Pilates method offers a lifetime of learning.  It is a study of movement that will be

ongoing and ever  changing.


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