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Symmetry Pilates Studio
                        An exclusive, boutique studio with a cutting edge approach to fitness!                                                       

Symmetry Pilates Studio

Welcome to Symmetry Pilates Studio! We are an exclusive, boutique-style, private studio designed to accomodate YOU!

With over 14 years of teaching experience, 18+ years involved in the discipline and a comprehensive certification in the method of Pilates,  I am invested in your desire/incentive to achieve your desired level of personal health and fitness.

I am not a physical therapist nor am I a doctor.  I evaluate and design a Pilates program that I feel is best suited for you in order to achieve your desired results.  Focusing on functional movement patterns is a top priority, not trying to execute movements that are designed for contortionists!  Do not be fooled into the mind-set that a harder-the-better workout session is necessarily a good workout session. In the world of super-size, off-the-chart, insane exercise routines, keep in mind that most of us are not elite athletes! We want to get stronger, be more balanced and keep our body moving fluidly throughout life!

I am a no-nonsense,  bs-free person who has pursued Pilates as a passion from the very beginning, as opposed to a money-making endeavor.  Do not get me wrong, I have invested the past 18+ years into educating myself in all levels of physical health and well-being and I have stayed ahead of the "curve" in what works!  I consider myself an educator and an innovator in the health and wellness field.  

Wishing you the best in health!








"The Pilates method offers a lifetime of learning.  It is a study of movement that will be

ongoing and ever  changing.


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